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Dr. Seuss inspired needle felted terrarium jewellery by 358studio


How our characters spend their free time between treasure hunts.

Our chars from the comic. o: 

(I love them. :$$$)


The main cast of the first few adventures. Everyone has a role: Coot plans every treasure hunt, Goren carries all the heavy equipment, Lyar deals with any possible foe, Kaznar is a supposed expert of the desert, Kralithe… well… makes stuff go BOOM, while Nio is the scout… or rather most of the time… or some of the time… alright, hardly ever, but she needed a role too, so her team members would stop complaining.

Lyar and Nio represent the creators. Lyar is me, XenonZerrow, and PlussDance is Nio.

Nahw! Follow our first comic board! UNDER THE SAND!
Story by XenonZerrow.
Art by ME!

The first page is coming soon! c:


Hello guys ~ You may have read my recent store introduction for Blippo (here). Anyways, Blippo has agreed to hold a giveaway of delicious and adorable lollies with me for all of you wonderful human beings. I would like to thank you all for putting up with me and supporting me for the past years. I would also like to thank Blippo for such a wonderful opportunity.

You will receive:

  1. Poko Milk Ball Candy - Original
  2. Meiji Gummy Roll Cake candy
  3. Puccho Chewy Candy (cola)
  4. Hello Kitty Mango Gummies


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  3. Giveaway ends on April 29th, 2014.

Possible Entries:

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"Dragons cannot be tamed"


me: ah yes time to start my homework

me: *opens tumblr*

me: *watches 25 youtube tutorials*

me: *sings the entirety of bohemian rhapsody* 

me: *rearranges room*

me: *reads les mis*

me: *watches every tom hiddleston interview on the internet*

me: *writes a novel*

me: *publishes novel*

me: *has novel made into 3 movies and a video game*

me: *takes the ring to mordor*

me: *defeats lord voldemort*

me: well its too late to start it now